Opportunity for you/your horse to appear in Good Horse educational videos

We are currently looking for horses and horse-rider combinations to feature in an upcoming series of educational videos and articles on a variety of topics. This is a super opportunity for anyone interested in horse behaviour and cognition, as well as other aspects of horsemanship.

If you’d be interested in participating or know of someone who would be, please get in touch! You can email us: contact@good-horse.com

We are looking for horses/riders that meet the following requirements:

  • Local to London/Hertfordshire.
  • Have access to a school.
  • Participants over 18 years of age. We will consider sensible children/teens – but please get an adult to message us on your behalf.
  • If you would like to offer up your horse but don’t want to be in the video(s) yourself, that’s also fine!
  • If you don’t own a horse but can borrow one or you run a riding school and want your students to participate, this may be a possibility – please get in touch to discuss.
  • Horses need to be broadly safe and happy to work in a school but young/green is fine.
  • We are looking for a good cross-section of breeds and types!
  • We want to include a variety of riders too! Are you a rider who suffers from anxiety/fear in the saddle or lacks confidence? Don’t be afraid to put yourself forward! Adult returning riders please do get in touch as well! We know the struggles!

All participants will have a chance to be featured in our videos or in articles on the website but please be aware that there is no guarantee.

Content will cover a variety of different topics ranging from the use of positive reinforcement and liberty/trick training, horse behaviour and cognition, rider psychology (tackling fear, anxiety, confidence issues), ridden basics for the horse like establishing rhythm and relaxation, improving responsiveness, biomechanics, horse empathy training for humans – and more! We will choose topics based on suitability and interests.

This is a great opportunity to do something a bit different while learning lots and helping to teach others at the same time!

The content on Good Horse is provided as a resource for anyone who wants to learn about horses and is not for profit. We promote an empathetic approach to horse training, as well as towards the human side of the equation and believe in trying to build mutualistic partnerships between people and their horses. 

If you think you’d like to take part but are not sure if you would be a good candidate, please get in touch to discuss details. Please share with other owners/riders in Hertfordshire and/or the London area.

Get in touch by emailing contact@good-horse.com if you’d like to sign up! We look forward to meeting you!

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