What is Combination Horsemanship?

Combination Horsemanship explicitly recognises that every horse is an individual and will require a tailored approach to training and behavioural problems.

Combination Horsemanship is a unique approach to training that explicitly recognises that every horse is an individual and will require a tailored approach to training and behavioural problems. Instead of a one-size-fits-all method, with Combination Horsemanship, you can make use of the very best techniques available to you in your personal situation that suit your unique equine partner and his/her individual personality.

Combination Horsemanship pulls together the best and most effective horsemanship techniques and principles from a wide variety of existing training schools and horsemanship movements along with new techniques based on a scientific understanding of horse behaviour. The fundamental premise behind Combination Horsemanship is that the best results for the horse and their significant (human) other is a recognition that individual personality influences all behaviour. Three core principles are recurrent in Combination Horsemanship: the importance of Empathy, Patience and Persistence.

Through Combination Horsemanship, you can aim to understand the fundamentals of how your horse thinks, feels and reacts, as well as examining the ways you can most effectively communicate with your horse. Only then is it possible to find solutions that are specifically adapted to your unique situation and your one-of-a-kind equine.

Learning to problem solve in this way requires an in-depth understanding of horse behaviour and an ability to empathise with a horse’s perspective on the world. To this end, Combination Horsemanship is rooted in real, modern advancements in scientific research and the scientific method. This gives an insight into the fundamental workings of the equine mind and guides us towards an approach to equine behavioural problems and their solutions that is adaptable, versatile and inventive.

Through consultation or day visits, you can be guided through this process with your own horse, or follow a tailored plan that is unique to you and takes into account not only your horse’s individuality but also your context – such as the facilities available to you and your own abilities and confidence level. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are or if you’ve only just started riding, Combination Horsemanship can work for you by taking into account what you are comfortable doing and design an approach that is matched to your very specific circumstances.

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