Where can I keep my phone while riding?

With summer approaching, I’ve seen an increase in riders wondering where to store their mobile phones while out hacking. In winter most of us wear jackets or coats with pockets large enough for the job but as it gets hotter, we find ourselves with fewer and fewer options!

As well as your phone, there are other items you might want to carry with you in case of an emergency or just to keep your possessions safe such as your keys and a hoof pick. One very easy solution I have found is to use a ‘running’ backpack / hydration pack.

hydration pack

These lightweight backpacks are designed for runners and cyclists. They contain a bag that can be filled with water and a long ‘straw’ from which an athlete can drink while on the move. For riding, you can remove this inner bag and just use the lightweight backpack – or keep it and have a handy way to carry water around too for the hot summer days ahead! These bags are adjustable and do not bounce around on your back – try to find one with straps for the waist and the chest if you want it to be super secure. You can even jump with them on and after wearing one a few times, you’ll quickly forget it’s even there!

They vary greatly in price so don’t be put off by the more expensive end of the market… You can get bags of this type that cost as little as £5 so you don’t have to worry about them being damaged out and about! If you want to order online, try Amazon for a wide selection.


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