50+ fun (and productive!) alternatives to riding

The first activity most people associate with horses, understandably, is riding. But in reality there is so much more we can do with our horses, and so much more a horse can be! That’s why we’re happy to introduce our new non-ridden activity generator!

Whether your horse is a ‘pet’ who provides you with companionship and comfort, your athletic partner in sport, your coworker, or your transport – or all of these at once – there is a lot you can do with your horse that doesn’t involve riding.

Non-ridden activities can benefit you both in countless ways. Non-ridden activities are of course worthwhile in their own right but they also form the basis for mounted work when it comes to most ridden training. Training starts from the ground up! And often the best way to address ridden problems is from the ground. Even activities that don’t seem directly relevant can be really powerful tools for improving aspects of ridden work, as well as general behaviour and handling issues on the ground.

And of course non-ridden activities can enrich your horse’s life – and your own life too! Spending time with other animals has many health benefits – especially when it comes to mental health and psychology. Spending stress-free quality time with your horse is truly valuable for your own well-being. In return, a horse that is relaxed and comfortable will be easier to handle and live a happier life under your care.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg! Non-ridden activities can also help you both build confidence and trust in each other, improve your horse’s health, be good physical exercise for the both of you, and even help you see the world from your horse’s point of view.

Whether your horse is on box rest and you are in need of some inspiration, or you just want to do something a bit different this one time that doesn’t involve riding, or even if your horse has always been a non-ridden companion and you’re simply in search of new ideas, we’ve put together an activity generator for you to enjoy. Choose your category and let the generator find you one of a growing list of relevant activities for you to try out! Discover which activities you get the most out of, adapt them to your situation and come up with your own versions. You may find that these become a staple of your routine as you explore the many things you can achieve without riding and the new side of the relationship with your horse that develops as a result.

Non-ridden activity generator

Find fun and useful new activities to try with your horse using our non-ridden activity generator.

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