Different Ways to Film Yourself Riding

Would you like to be able to film yourself riding without a helper? Here are several ways to do just that!

Guest writer, Michael Dehaan is founder and editor-in-chief at Best Horse Rider. Here he shares several ways riders can film themselves without a helper.


Watching a video of yourself riding can help make sense of things your trainer has said and give you a clearer idea of what areas you need to work on. It can also show you the ways in which you and your horse have improved!

Fortunately, you don’t have to hire a professional videographer to get quality footage of you riding. In this day and age, there are many different ways you can film. Whether a camcorder, smartphone, motion track, or strap-on camera, you can record from different angles and get quality footage to watch back or share. You’ll be impressed by how easy it can be to film yourself while riding.

Prop up Your Phone

Simply propping up your phone can be an easy way to film yourself riding. Smartphone stands and even pop sockets can be used to easily hold up your phone while it is recording. Just be sure to place it somewhere safe that is around 3-5 feet off the ground to get a good viewpoint.

Set up a Tripod

Tripods are a great investment for filming yourself riding. You can easily set them up in different areas and they even come in a variety of sizes. They can be built to fit all types of cameras and even smartphones.

The average tripod stands between 50-63 inches. However, you can get taller and shorter ones as well. Flexible tripods are ideal because not only can you prop them up, but you can also bend the legs to attach them to different objects. You can even attach your tripod to a fence post to record while you are riding.

The corner of an arena is often the best place to set up a tripod. This will allow you to see as much of the arena as possible while you ride.

Wear a Camera

If you want to review your riding from the perspective you see, wearing a camera on you is a great idea. Small sports cameras, like GoPros, can be worn with either a chest mount or helmet mount. This is a wonderful hands-free way to film yourself riding from the saddle.

Invest In a Motion Track Camera

Motion track cameras are great for filming yourself riding. Instead of traditional cameras that will only film the direction you have them pointed at, motion track cameras will follow your movement. Motion tracking cameras sit on a tripod and use motion sensors to follow the target as it moves.

There are many great brands of motion cameras and even motion camera bases available, including SoloShot and Swivl, that you can use to film your riding. Most motion tracking cameras will require you to wear a bracelet to track your movement. Once it is all set up, you can position it in your desired spot, wear the bracelet, and let the camera do its magic as you ride.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Filming yourself is great if you want to share a video of you riding or need to watch yourself riding for training purposes. There are some great ways to record yourself riding by yourself while getting a quality video. No more worrying about asking a friend or family member to record only to get a shaky video in return!


Guest writer, Michael Dehaan is founder and editor-in-chief at Best Horse Rider. Based in Oklahoma, Michael has been working with horses all his life, acquiring rich experience and professional insights, which he happily shares with other fellow equestrians.


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