Pony posse: the cutest gang in town!

A blog about horsemanship is probably the last place you’d expect to find someone urging you to form a gang… But there’s a first time for everything. Abbie Watson is the proud member of a very special gang and you’d be hard-pressed to find one cuter than this!

Four ponies being taken for a walk
Four of the gang: Kasha, Alamo, Chase and Hannah (ponies, left to right). Abbie Watson, who owns Alamo, says they all love going on hacks but can get quite strong and excited!

These tiny ponies and their humans have formed a walking gang. It’s a great way for the cute little equines to see more of the world, and excellent exercise for horses and humans!

Six ponies in the snow
There are currently 6 little ponies at the yard, including 3 yearlings who particularly benefit from the opportunity to get used to traffic and the great outdoors.
Yearling chestnut tobiano pony
Alamo, owned by Abbie Watson, is one of the three yearlings in the gang. Abbie says that “In the 3 years I have been at that yard, I have always taken the ponies out on walks.”
Pony in field
The gang includes ponies from many different backgrounds. Dinky, owned by Lee Scammacca and pictured here, is a rescue pony. Alamo and Chase came over from Shetland in 2015, while Hannah is a show pony.
Pony in the snow
Murphy is a ride and drive pony, also owned by Lee Scammacca. Lee also owns two other members of the gang: Chase, one of the yearlings, and Hannah, a 6 year old show pony.
Two ponies with their handlers
Alamo and Kasha out for a walk. Kasha is owned by Lucy Dobbie. The gang goes out as much as they can, up to 5 times a week!

Two of the gang, Alamo and Chase, came over from Shetland in 2015. Shetland ponies are renowned for their strength and plucky character. Just watch these Shetlands go!

Of course, taking your equine for a walk isn’t just for small ponies! No matter the size of your horse, from Shetland to Shire, we can all take inspiration from this cute gang of friends. Walking your horse in-hand, out and about, is a great way for your horse to gain confidence, good exercise for both of you, and a chance to make new friends.

So why not start your own pony walking gang?

If you do start your own gang, or you already belong to one, please share your experiences and pictures with us on the Combination Horsemanship Facebook page and help us spread the word.

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